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A real-time, biddable, display market is emerging: electronic market places, i.e. "ad exchanges" and other tools connect sellers and buyers of media inventory, directly.
In this spot market transactions are done in real time, without neither a pre-contract nor a volume commitment, the price is set in an open auction, and transactions are done at the individual ad impression level. More than 30 million ad impressions are currently available in France every month, and that number is growing rapidly. Very beneficial to both publishers and advertisers alike, Real Time Display is a true revolution in Online Advertising, and certainly one that no advertiser can overlook.


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LuckyAds buy media inventory dynamically on the real time exchanges, on behalf of advertisers.

This is much more efficient, for many reasons: Pay the true market price

Bypass intermediaries and buy directly on the exchanges.

Be extremely selective

Buy only the ad impressions that are valuable to your Brand and your business. Stop buying buckets with no visibility into each bucket, buy ad impressions one by one instead.

Pay the price that allows you to reach your ROI goal, never more

Our algorithm bids based on the value of the impression for your Brand and your business. Price = Bid = Value to you : it is as simple as that.

Unleash the power of algorithmic valuation

Bid distinctively for every ad impression, analysing more than a dozen variables for every one of them, then pick the best creative for that ad impression, all in real time? Yes we can, using powerful algorithms.

Control frequency, across all inventory sources, 100%

As the decision making and the valuation & bidding is done in our bidding system, we control frequency 100%, both for ROI maximisation and Brand protection. No more issues with sell-side capping.

Create your own targeting segments

Target your site visitors and prospects at various stages of your conversion funnel. Put that targeting to work against any media inventory, across all sources of media supply. Reclaim your re-targeting!

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